Tournament Pack Rewards Returning In the Form of Play! Pokemon Prize Packs

Just like the old POP series packs from older eras the new Play! Pokemon Prize Packs are going to replace Play! Pokemon promos at local game stores. This type of product is sort of similar to the old POP Series packs in that it’s an actual booster pack but with 6 cards instead of 2. For now cards included are chosen from a fixed card pool of 200 cards that are legal from the standard format. Popular cards like Rayquaza VMAX and Charizard VMAX are included in this pool so this pack will still act as an outlet for reprints. Unlike POP Series packs though it would appear that no new original cards are included, at least so far.

Written below is news post from the official pokemon site:

In-store events are making their return, and we’re excited to introduce Prize Packs to Play! Pokémon retail locations worldwide. Qualified Play! Pokémon retailers have begun receiving promotional Prize Packs to support in-store Play! Pokémon events such as Leagues, League Challenges, League Cups, and more while supplies last. These brand-new Prize Packs will replace the Play! Pokémon promos that were previously distributed by local game stores at Play! Pokémon events, giving Trainers much more to enjoy than ever before.

Each Prize Pack contains six cards taken from a pool of about 200—all of which are legal in the Standard format, including everything from popular Pokémon to exclusive foil upgrades of tournament mainstays, all featuring the special Play! Pokémon logo. Here’s just some of what you can expect to find in Series One:

  1. Fan-favorite Pokémon like Charizard VMAX, Rayquaza VMAX, and Pikachu VMAX
  2. Exclusive foil versions of tournament-defining cards like Scoop Up Net and Path to the Peak
  3. Exclusive non-foil versions of powerhouse Pokémon like Oranguru and Snorlax
  4. Both foil and non-foil basic Energy cards

Prize Pack Series One will have a limited duration to catch up with our recent break from in-store events, with a new series dropping every six months starting in February. You can expect Series Two in February 2023, Series Three in August 2023, Series Four in February 2024, and so on.

For competitive and casual Trainers alike, the Prize Packs offer an exclusive way to build your collection while having fun at Play! Pokémon events at your local game store. How Prize Packs are distributed will vary from location to location, depending on what works best for your store. The more active your events are, the more Prize Packs will be available, so spread the word and bring a friend to support your local community!

Price Increases for Pokemon TCG Products in Japan

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that prices for pokemon tcg products in Japan will go up starting with the Scarlet and Violet era. This is to cover rising manufacturing and distribution costs although we don’t know if this means more and better holo card ratios in boosters for example as a specific reason for the price increases in booster packs. Prices for tcg products from the Sword and Shield era won’t change.

The chart below showcases updated prices on average. More and more people outside of Japan are into buying and collecting original Japanese pokemon tcg products so these changes should be taken into consideration. Price increases have already taken effect in Europe and North America so perhaps this only Japan catching up.

Japanese Pokemon

Booster Pack

Preconstructed Deck

Deck Sleeves

Deck Sleeves

Deck Box

Deck Box



Binder Album

Binder Page

Card Carrying Case

Card Frame

Acrylic Damage Counters

Current Prices
(SWSH Era)

165 yen

1,711 yen

792 yen

913 yen

398 yen

1,527 yen

2,750 yen

5,500 yen

1,705 yen

656 yen

1,466 yen

1,200 yen

605 yen

Upcoming Prices
(SCVI Era)

180 yen

1,800 yen

889 yen

990 yen

500 yen

1,600 yen

2,970 yen

5,940 yen

1,980 yen

700 yen

1,650 yen

1,490 yen

660 yen

Video Of How Pokemon Cards Are Printed Gets Posted On Youtube

Pokebeach shares a leaked video showing the process of pokemon card production in North America. The sets and cards shown in the video are from the Sun and Moon era so it is assumed the video was filmed during that time. It even highlights the different weight of code cards in packs to help deal with people that try to weigh them. The video was never posted on any official pokemon channel or the official site so it is believed it was only meant to be shown to employees.

We can imagine the process is similar for the printing of current cards in the Sword and Shield era but since cards from older periods had a different quality of texture and cardboard we can’t be sure if this how pokemon cards were always printed.

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